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How do I begin?   Seeking help for your child is the first and sometimes most difficult step for any caregiver. The easiest way to contact Dr. Doyle and begin the process is via email You will be given access to an online system to provide information about your child and allow you read policies. Dr. Doyle will follow up with you and schedule an appointment when one is available. You should contact your insurance provider to find out your out-of-network coverage. Some policies cover all or partial reimbursement. Once you are a client you will have the freedom to schedule your own appointments online. 

 How often will my child be seen?   Therapy is individualized so the frequency of visits will depend on the needs of your child. Generally sessions are 50 minutes and may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your child's needs. On many occasions it will be you who attends the sessions without your child present. In-office visits and telehealth are conducted in a similar manner. Please read the Co-vid policies for in-office visits. 

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