Dr. Doyle's methods are individualized to help parents define their child's strengths and weaknesses and implement plans at home that are relevant, easily followed and  measurable. Services offered include:

Behavioral Services

  • Individual therapy using evidence based  treatments

  • Caregiver sessions

  • School visits

  • Group training for caregivers, daycare staff or teachers

  • Sibling support

The Goal of Therapy
  • To decrease the specific problem behavior 

  • To increase your understanding of behavior, thoughts and emotions

  • To empower you to manage your child’s behavior and monitor their progress with evidence-based techniques

  • To generalize interventions in different settings (at home, in school and in the community)

  • To teach your child self-calming techniques and increase independence

  • To allow caregivers have objective insights and support as they navigate an ever changing world of parenting. 

The White House Offices

7030 E. Genesee St.
Fayetteville, NY 13066

Ph: 315-400-3116


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