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Dr. Doyle's methods are individualized to help parents define their child's strengths and weaknesses and implement plans at home that are relevant, easily followed and  measurable. Services offered include:

Behavioral Services

  • Individual therapy using evidence based  treatments

  • Caregiver sessions

  • School visits

  • Group training for caregivers, daycare staff or teachers

  • Sibling support

The Goal of Therapy
  • To decrease the specific problem behavior 

  • To increase your understanding of behavior, thoughts and emotions

  • To empower you to manage your child’s behavior and monitor their progress with evidence-based techniques

  • To generalize plans in different settings (at home, in school and in the community)

  • To teach your child self-calming techniques and increase independence

  • To allow caregivers have objective insights and support you as you navigate an ever changing world of parenting. 

 What is your role as a caregiver?   Your role is to implement behavior plans  and ideas that have been developed by you and Dr. Doyle, to gather information on how your child is progressing and learn new more effective ways of interacting with your child. 

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