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 If you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your child's behavior, reaching out for professional help is the first step. Dr. Niamh  ('Neev') Doyle provides parents and children with skills to decrease  such behavior as tantrums, 

defiance, aggression, school refusal,  and poor social skills. She also treats anxiety based disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and phobias. 

   Dr. Doyle specializes in working with children age 3- 13 years so you can be sure that she focuses on the unique needs of younger children and their families. She also has vast experience working with children with developmental disorders. Email today to get the help you are looking for.

Most children display behavior or emotional problems at some point, but if there is a persistent pattern of concerning behavior that is disrupting family and school life, and isolating your child from others, then therapy may help. We don't hesitate to get help for physical health issues, don't hesitate to get professional help with mental health concerns affecting your family either. 

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Dr. Doyle is now offering video sessions. This allows children and caregivers receive sessions through a secure online forum. This can be accessed via any mobile device or computer. Parents can then avoid the commute to her office and receive help from home, work, or anywhere you will be able to focus on your child and their needs. 

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